Sunday, January 26, 2014

DL Trip with Hannah day 7 (Thur)

So today was our last day in California:(  It was also the fourth of July and our annual park passes had a blackout date so we were going to spend the morning enjoying the pool.  

No pictures today so I will make this brief:)  We ate breakfast in downtown Disney and then went back to the room to make sure we were mostly packed.  We then went down to the pool and sat around there for a couple hours.  Kids swam and we all read for a bit.  We headed to the airport pretty early afternoon and it was a really easy check in which was nice.  We ate lunch there and then grabbed some snacks for the flight and were home early evening.
We had such a great trip- especially bringing Hannah with us.  The kids love having her along and it was fun to have someone with us to go out with too!  Our next trip is to Hawaii in February and Hannah has decided to join us for that one too!  This blog got posted really late so that trip is actually right around the corner :)  We will be going back to Aulani for 10 days and doing our favorite (and some new) activities on Oahu.  So excited!

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