Sunday, January 26, 2014

DL Trip with Hannah day 4 (Mon)

So today we got up and had early entry in CA Adventure park again.  First up was Racers (again) – even though we had done it already its such a fun ride and the only time to ride it without the wait is first thing in the morning.

After Racers we wandered down to Paradise Pier and rode the carousel and did Toy Story Mania.

By now the kids were starving and we decided to do one breakfast out on our trip so we headed to Flo’s Café in Carsland.  It was good simple food and it was fun to watch the Racers fly by.  Even Mater drove by at one point.

After breakfast we took a stroll back to the pier and split up.  Aidan really wanted to do the ferris wheel (mickeys wheel of death as I call it) and Piper wanted to do the swings.  We all got on the rides at the same time and Matt was able to get a picture of Hannah, Aidan and I from across the way:)


After that we realized it was about time to go to the Chase Visa meet and greet.  If you are a Chase card holder then you get into a special area to meet either Minnie or Stitch.  My kids’ favorite is Stitch so when we got in line and realized it was Minnie we bailed!  Matt and the kids went to go ride Monsters Inc while Hannah and I finished our coffee (they wouldn’t let us on the ride with it lol).  Then we got back in line since it was “shift change” for the characters and got to meet Stitch.

After that we took the old trolley around the park (yay for air conditioning!) and chatted with a couple cast members.  We then grabbed fast passes for Grizzly River Rapids to use later and headed out of the park and went to go get lunch down at Earl of Sandwich in downtown Disney. 

The kids were pretty tired so after lunch we laid around for a bit and then we had a pool cabana booked for the afternoon.  Our attendants were not nearly as good as the first ones (our waitress rarely came around) which was kinda a bummer but still- having somewhere to sit and relax, esp in the shade was so nice!

In the middle of our cabana time we went to use our fast pass for Grizzly River Rapids, which gets you soaked.  We all went in our bathing suits and cover ups :)

After our cabana time we all went to go change and then headed back into the parks.  We had dinner at Paradise Garden Grill (Mediterranean skewers and rice/pita) and the kids ate corn dogs.  So glad the park has great diversity in food!

We walked over to Disneyland park after a bit of doing rides and enjoyed the evening there. We all rode teacups and Piper wanted popcorn in a Dumbo bucket (which she still has at home on a shelf).  We did a couple other little rides and then the kids wanted to head back.  They were tired and it was a long day!

Piper Cam:


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