Sunday, January 26, 2014

DL Trip with Hannah day 5 (Tue)

Today was our early entry into Disneyland day (finally!).  First stop was Peter Pan as it has the longest waits during the day.  Next was Dumbo!  The kids wanted their own elephant and Hannah and I shared.  Matt had his own and was able to take pictures:)

After Dumbo we walked over to Tomorrowland and did Space Mountain- pictures are always fun on this one!  We also got a couple of cute pictures of Han and I and the kids while Matt ran to go get fast passes for a ride for later.



After that Hannah, matt and Aidan went to go ride Star Tours but it makes Piper and I dizzy so we waited for them in the arcade.  Fun thing- they have the wreck it ralph game there for free:)  They found us shortly after and we all rode Buzz together and then did single rider (much faster wait times) on Matterhorn.  It was weird to see Piper get on a fast ride by herself!

Piper then asked to get her face painted.  She loves it so much but I knew it was going to be short lived as it was SO hot today and I knew she would want to be in the pool later.  Oh well!  I caved:)


 After Piper became a kitty (and did her little signature pose with it) we all went back to ride Space Mountain for a second time.  Piper asked us to all be “kitties” for the picture:)

Up next was Autopia.  Lines were kinda long but we got a few pics while we waited.  Aidan didn’t want to ride so he stayed in the shade and played on my phone.  Matt and I took a car and Hannah and Piper rode in another one.  Han was very trusting in Piper’s driving ability;)

We were all getting a little hungry so we headed back over to CA Adventure and back to Paradise Garden Grill (worth eating there twice).  The kids got pizza from the place next door. They were very tired today so after that we just headed back to the hotel so they could nap for a few hours.  Hannah and I took the time to do some shopping though:)

Around 4:30 we all started getting ready again- the kids were going back to the kids club as us grown ups had reservations at Carthay Circle.  This was the first time any of us had eaten there so we were all looing forward to it!  The building is made to look like the Carthay theater where Snow White first debuted.  Inside there are many historic artifacts which was neat to look at.  The service and food were all amazing:)

The kids didn’t want to do much after we came to pick them up so we just let them swim in the pool and hot tubs for a bit and we had a early bedtime.

Piper Cam:


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