Sunday, January 26, 2014

DL Trip with Hannah day 3 (Sun)

We got up super early today (ok so we will get up early every day this trip!) because as a perk of staying in one of the 3 Disneyland hotels onsite you get early entry privileges into one of the parks each day.  Today it was early entry into CA Adventure park.  It was extra exciting because Hannah had not yet been to the new Carsland part of the park. We waited in line for a bit but we were really close to the front so we got in pretty quick!

We headed right to Carsland and rode Racers first thing which we all love.  We rode the other couple of carsland rides and then headed out of the park to hop to Disneyland.  On the way though we stopped to get coffee at the only Starbucks in Disneyland:)


We headed into Disneyland, which had opened just shortly before; and enjoyed a sunny walk down main street USA.  We skipped Fantasyland though which has the longest lines (saving for another morning) and went to Adventureland instead.

First stop there was Indiana Jones.  Piper sometimes has a little issues with this ride (gets scared at some parts) but today she seemed fine!

After Indy I had to go to the bathroom so I skipped the next ride.  Everyone else though hopped on Jungle cruise and I waited for them when they got out.

Next up was Splash Mountain!  Aidan really hates heights and I can take them or leave them so I sat out with him while Matt and Piper rode.  Hannah decided it was too early to get wet so she hung behind with us:)
While Matt and Piper rode Splash mountain, we went over to the closest ride which was Winnie the Pooh.  Aidan was not impressed lol.  It really was a baby ride but it was nice to get out of the sun for a few minutes!  After that we waited by the Splash mntn exit for Matt and P and took a look at their ride picture!


We then decided to split up before lunch and meet up later. We had some differences in what we wanted to do so the boys went one way and the girls went another:)
Aidan and Matt went to go see the Star Wars show in Tomorrowland and then checked out the Iron Man exhibit (real costumes and props and things). 

Us girls went to see the Princesses (never too old!) and then see the Rapunzel (Tangled) show.  The show was super cute but a lot of kids seemed bored as it was basically a 2 man show done in traditional theater in the round old style (and they took on lots of characters).  It was very funny though!

We then ended our time for the day in the parks by getting lunch in Frontierland at Hungry Bear restaurant.  The kids were WIPED out- I was worried about even walking back to the hotel lol.

We got back to the hotel and the kids suddenly had renewed energy and wanted to go swimming.  It was nice to just sit in the sun and us grownups had a couple drinks too:)  Piper (my sun seeker) laid out and slept a bit and Aidan stayed in the water to keep cool.
After some pool time, it was nap time! We all rested a bit (kids slept) and  relaxed until it was time to get up again for the evening.  Around 4:30 or so we all started getting up and getting ready again.  We took the kids to the kids club at 5:00 so we could enjoy some time to ourselves:) The kids love going to the clubs though so it was no big deal to them- they even get fed dinner there!

Hannah, Matt and I headed through downtown Disney after dropping them off.  First stop was Trader Sams over at the Disneyland hotel.  We love this tiki bar- the inside has many surprises and is so much fun!  We all got yummy drinks- Hannah’s even lit up lol.  We ordered a few appetizers to share as well.

After Trader Sams we headed to Uva bar, which is in downtown Disney.  We shared more food and got more drinks:)  yay for grown up time in Disney!

We picked up the kids after a couple hours and decided to hit the parks for a bit before going in.  We went to CA Adventure park right as the sun was going down and walked around a bit.  We stopped for some fun photo ops in Carsland as well:)

After the parks the kids wanted to go to the hot tub which was fun and then we all went up on the roof of the hotel to the World of Color viewing deck which was neat.  The kids got tired and cold though so Matt took them down and Hannah and I stayed behind to watch it alone. Then it was off to bed for everyone!

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