Sunday, January 26, 2014

DL Trip with Hannah day 6 (Wed)

Today was our last day in the parks!  We started off doing early entry for CA Adventure park.  Everyone but me wanted to ride Soarin’ over California (It makes me dizzy), so they rode while I went on a Starbucks run.  There was no line so I was in and out and then found a table in the area that everyone would exit the ride at.  It was such a peaceful morning in the park which was surprising as it was the day before a holiday!

After meeting up with everyone, we headed down to Paradise Pier because Matt and Hannah wanted to ride CA Screamin’.  The rest of us did not so they rode and then the kids did the carousel again:)


We took the morning at a slow pace and got a lot of pictures.  We headed towards Carsland and rode Mater one last time. 


After riding a few rides we decided to park hop over to Disneyland.  We took the opportunity to ride one of the main street vehicles (we had never done that before!).  Fun fact- Walt himself used to drive the very car we were on around the park in the morning:)  Pretty cool!


We then took some obligatory castle shots:)


After this we headed over to Frontierland so Hannah, matt and Piper could ride Splash mountain one last time.  Aidan and I rode Haunted Mansion during this time (and escaped the already scorching sun!).


We then all went on Pirates and then took a nice mid morning break in New Orleans square to have coffee and beignets (Mickey shaped!) that were piping hot and very good!


We then hopped the train in New Orleans Sq station to go to the next stop- Toon Town. Why walk when you can ride!


In toon town we mostly wandered around. Kids love to play here- most things are interactive which is really cool.  We did do one baby coaster which lasts about 45 seconds but there were no lines so it wasn’t a waste.


On our way out of Toon Town we decided to pop into Mickey’s house- glad we did- Sorcerer Mickey was there (we have never met this variation before).


We started walking towards Tomorrowland and saw no lines at teacups so we rode :) 

In tomorrowland we all checked out the Iron Man exhibit and also Innoventions (futuristic exhibits), but not before the kids got a lovely spray down from the misters!


We then trekked over to the monorail and hopped it to Downtown Disney.  We popped over to Earl of Sandwich for the second time this trip and filled up before heading back to the hotel.  The kids wanted to swim so back to the pool we went!

In the late afternoon we all split up for dinner.  Hannah took the kids to the quick service restaurant in the hotel and then shopping in downtown Disney while Matt and I went into CA Adventure on our own.  Our first stop was drinks in the Carthay Circle bar. Yum!


After drinks, we were heading back to the hotel towards our restaurant but decided to take some pictures of just the two of us- pretty rare in family vacations!  After that Matt and I went to Napa Rose and ate in the lounge.  We ordered our favorites from there and a bottle of wine and enjoyed time away from the kids:)

After dinner we all met up and headed back into the parks for our last night- so sad!  Piper wanted to ride Goofys one last time but the line was a little long so she rode single rider- such a big girl!

Us grown ups all got some drinks while we ordered ice cream for the kids and we all sat back and watched World of Color from a little distance.  Such a great show (if you don’t have to wait for hours to see it!).

We then headed into Carsland one last time and stopped for a couple photos before heading to Racers.  This ride is so great at night but the lines are always long unless you ride single rider (you get split up from your party and get popped into empty cars where there is room).  We all were split up this time but my kids are pros and still had a blast.  I rode next to the cutest little girl!


We wandered around a tiny bit but then the park was closing so we had to leave lol.  We weren’t done yet though so we hopped over to Disneyland park which still had a bit before closing time.
We managed to get the Carousel and teacups in before the park closed and then we headed out and back to our hotel.  Piper was so tired she laid down in the elevator lol.

Then it was bedtime! 

Piper Cam:


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