Sunday, January 26, 2014

DL Trip with Hannah day 1 (Fri)

Note- this trip was back in July but I got very busy then essentially lost all my photos when my portable hard drive crashed.  It took a LONG time to recover everything so now here we are lol.

So we hadn’t planned on another Disneyland trip in a while but the family I nanny for was leaving for a week and we had annual passes so….we changed our minds without much thought:) This time we invited Hannah, my little sister (not my youngest sister though that came with us in Feb).  We were planning a little different kind of trip though – we came so often that our focus was going to be on relaxing, pool time and adult nights out instead of trying to ride every ride, see all the shows, etc.  We were all excited to get away for a week.

The day before we left it was pretty hectic in the morning because I still had to work.  The family that I nanny for was also leaving the next morning so I had a lot to do to help them out since both parents were also at work.  By late morning all errands were done and I brought the girls I watch over to my house and we waited for my sister to arrive.   Hannah got there around lunch time and we started getting our luggage and packing stuff organized and we ran a couple little errands for last minute things. 
Around 5:00 I dropped the girls I watch off and I was officially on vacation!  The evening was fun- us girls did our nails and we all watched Disneyland travel shows.  After dinner we all watched Cars to get us in the mood for the parks- Hannah hadn’t been since Carsland had opened and the movie definitely helps you appreciate it. We tried for a semi early bedtime for the kids and Hannah crashed in the living room watching tv. Matt and I fell asleep pretty early too- we had the mentality of “the sooner you get to sleep, the sooner vacation comes” :)

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